Alison at an in-person tasting

I established Artisan Wine Group as a way to share my passion for travel, education, fine wines and storytelling. Quickly I found that my clients wanted to work with me in a non-intimidating, down to earth and fun way to demystify the wine world. Once they learned a little, they were much more adventurous in trying new wines and learning about new regions, as they grew comfortable with tasting and wine terminology. Playing with wine in this way and creating lessons with games and learning inspired me to create a card game that would make it easy and fun for my clients to learn and play. I created VINO!™ to do just this. As you play VINO! you choose cards that essentially are the same wine terminology that all wine professionals use to describe their experiences tasting, reviewing and recommending wine.

As we have grown, we have expanded our offerings. We host wine tasting events and parties, virtual wine tastings, wine game parties and offer personal wine shopping services. We offer products to run your own wine tastings and love to help others discover the intellectual pursuit of the wine world and more simply, the passion of drinking and sharing wine. Reach out to us to create your perfect wine tasting event, created specifically around you and your guests.

Alison recently created, trademarked and launched the wine tasting card game VINO!™. We have now created VINO! as a mobile app, coming out this summer. As the business has grown, Alison saw the need to give wine professionals the tools they needed to run their own successful ventures. Our students are awarded Wine Marketing Consultant Certifications and then are able to spin off their own wine tasting businesses. For more information contact us directly at or order VINO! directly from

– Alison Miller, CEO/Founder Artisan Wine Group (M.Ed, WSET III Cert)